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Our company (Noyes) was founded on the idea of my friend Ryan Rapsys and myself trying to invent the most pleasing sounds we knew how to at that time (which is still debatable '01 we formed the band, but didn't release the record till 2003? Idk and don't really care too much). Ever since our band/project was established, we recorded an instrumental ep at his dad's house and we didn't continue, due to Ryan's whereabouts.


Since that was years ago, my purpose is to continue to learn while using any musical experience I've learned along the way to invent a calling. I advocate for those who are in need of a step outside the classics for a while and join me on a journey that I don't even know the destination of...I just know that it will be a place i've never been before.



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408 E. Russell st.
Barrington, IL.




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