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The band (Noyes) was founded on the idea of my friend Ryan Rapsys and myself trying to invent the most pleasing sounds we could at that time. In '01 we formed the band, but didn't release the record till 2003? Idk (and don't really care too much). Ever since our band/project was established, we recorded an instrumental ep at his dad's house and we didn't continue, due to  me moving then the unknowing of Ryan's whereabouts.


Since then, my purpose has been to continue this neverending adventure of playing (as well as learning about) music using any musical experience I've encountered along the way to invent new soundsm.  Advocating for those who are in need of a step outside the classics (or further into the classics) for a while joining me on a journey that I don't even know the destination of...I just know that it will be a place i've never been or felt before...assuming music is feeling of course. :o}


In conclusion to this attempt at trying to explain my brain to you - From this minute forward, wherever/whenever you see me I'd like to change my name/solo band to NOYES. I mean it's not like I will not respond to "Vic", "Victor", "Club Mate", or "Yubari King" (which is just a Japanese name for a sacred cantaloupe that is to perfection THE most gratifying cantaloupe melon ever found on our planet). 


So be well, and be GOOD to one another.  We may not have that much time left here, so let's try to let go...surrender to the music damn you until our last seconds on earth....after all Trump is president of this Country. DAMN IT! Son of a bitch, Son of a bitch, Son of a bitch aaaaaaaaahhhaaaaand "STOP!" Back to focusing on the music that has infinite power, love , and strength in it than just one decieving dictator that only has an illusion of the $paper$ being the strings to our souls and minds. Im fucking sick of living like that as I watch people I've grown up with stoop down to levels that have moved toward taking on this mold rather than continuing to move toward all the love, compassion and integrity we've put into stregthening our friendships with one another! Music, the ultimate catalist.


Victor Villarreal



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