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Hey friends and lovers! "Victor" (as if he isn't the one typing this) will be playing dowstairs at Subterranean on February 27, 2016. Also...He is SO PSYCHED to be playing with Julia Steiner (front force of Ratboys), as well as Vic's SUPER insanely talented wire artist, good friend and guitarist force of English Softhearts)! Grab yer tix (in advance) to secure your 9ft. by 8ft. standing space before someone else snakes it first!
After speaking briefly with "Victor", he insinuated to me that he is "REALLY looking forward to this show" and "hopes to see some people he hasn't seen in a while". We'll keep you posted if anything out of the ordinary pops up. Danka, Ciao, and stay tuned for more to come! 
Noyeses (manager)



*It's Finally Here!!!  But now, it's gone...(for awhile).



*Learning to riff-out "live" (on Skype or FaceTime) with Victor has been put to bed for the time being.  Mr. Villarreal has reached capacity and needed a break as he is working on NEW music for you, as well as gone into "fitness rehearsal formation" to prep himself for the upcoming shows with Cap'n Jazz.



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